A quick guide to The Wimbledon Championships
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A quick guide to The Wimbledon Championships

During the first two weeks of July, the oldest, most prestigious and stylish tennis tournament of the year takes place; The Wimbledon Championships.

The Grand Slam tennis tournament in London, commonly known as Wimbledon, is played on outdoor grass courts at the All England Club. Wimbledon combines world class tennis with world famous - including royal - spectators. Most well-known tradition of the tournament: all participating tennis players must wear pristine white outfits. Because of this strict dress code and the combination of sports and style, MR MARVIS named his all-white shorts after the tournament; The Wimbledons. This is MR MARVIS’ quick guide to your next visit to Wimbledon.

What to wear

Let’s start with what not to wear when you are invited to take a seat at Centre Court: torn jeans, running vests, dirty trainers and sports shorts. As a general rule, choose something comfortable without giving in on style. This smart casual look should be upgraded with a shirt and tie when you are invited to the royal box to watch the Men's Final. Because you will get kicked out. Ask Mr Lewis Hamilton next time you see him. Thankfully, tailored shorts are permitted. On warm days, we recommend MR MARVIS’ all-white shorts – The Wimbledons – in combination with an airy linen shirt and a classic panama hat. Bring a jacket in a light, summer fabric if you want to visit the Member’s Lounge.

MR MARVIS local knowledge: don’t forget your favourite Italian sunglasses, suncream and an umbrella - it is England after all.

What to eat

Wimbledon keeps its culinary experience simple but tasteful; Kentish strawberries with sweet, clotted cream. It’s not clear how strawberries became such an integral part of Wimbledon, but we think it had to do with perfect timing. Before the evolution of technology, the harvest of the stawberries perfectly matched the start of the tournament. Above that, the availability of berries signaled the start of summer, making it the perfect food item to be served at the All England Club. Nowadays, the stylish crowd consumes over 140,000 servings of strawberries which are topped with nearly 10,000 liters of cream.

MR MARVIS local knowledge: pair your berries with a glass of refreshing Pimm's or champagne. Or both.

Who to worship

MR MARVIS finds inspiration everywhere, also on the tennis court. Bunny Austin was one of the best British players before WW2. Together with Fred Perry, he led Britain to three consecutive Davis Cup Championships. Although he never won at Wimbledon – he ranked second twice – the legacy he left is remarkable. Why? Bunny Austin was the first player ever to wear shorts on Centre Court. He maybe unknown to many, but a legend to some. Including MR MARVIS.

"It was the year I invented shorts. I found sweat-sodden cricket flannels were weighing me down, so my tailor ran up some prototype shorts." – Mr Bunny Austin